Irish Discworld Convention 2019 Information

Irish Discworld Convention 2019

Irish Discworld Convention 2019

March 29 - April 1, 2019

Cork International Hotel
Cork, Ireland

Fantasy Convention

So, what is the Irish Discworld Convention?

Well, it's a gathering of people who like Terry Pratchett's Discworld book series, organised for fans, by fans. We get together in a hotel for four days every two years (2019 will be the 6th Irish DWCon), go to talks, play games and quizzes, watch a talent show, chat to people who share our sense of humour and generally have a great time. Whether you have followed the story of the Discworld from its inception or have just finished reading your first story, IDWCon welcomes you to meet with those involved in the creation of the Discworld, pick up souvenirs, books or memories, and share your enjoyment with other Discworld fans through chatting, going to events, and playing games. Attending a gathering of Discworld fans has been described as "meeting friends you didn't know you had".

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