Magnum Opus Con 1995 Information

Magnum Opus Con 1995

July 13-16, 1995

Callaway Gardens
Pine Mountain, GA

Science Fiction Convention with Fantasy programming

MOC 10 signaled a shift in many ways for Magnum Opus Con. After five years in Greenville, South Carolina, Castle moved MOC 225 miles to Callaway Gardens, in Pine Mountain, Georgia. As befitting its new location, MOC 10 attempted to become more family-friendly, toning down the revelry and eliminating the "Slave Auction" and the "Bimbo Pageant." Guests included the usual celebrities and science fiction authors, as well as NASA scientists and former astronauts. That year's show motto was "Bringing you the BEST in science AND science fiction!" In addition, after being held exclusively in March or April every year, MOC 10 was scheduled for July 13-16, 1995, the same weekend as Dragon Con. MOC 10 was dedicated to author Roger Zelazny, a scheduled guest who died shortly before the show. Despite, or maybe because, of all the changes, MOC 10 was not well attended.

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