Mythicworlds 2017 Information

Mythicworlds 2017

Mythicworlds 2017

March 17-19, 2017

DoubleTree Hotel Seattle Airport
Seattle, WA

Fantasy Convention

The producers of Faerieworlds and FaerieCon invite you to a very different kind of event experience, that celebrates diverse international myth, legend and folklore and is inspired by people who create and live their own unique realms.

At Mythicworlds, you'll meet and listen to internationally acclaimed artists, authors and designers, all of whom are myth inspired Makers in a variety of popular media. You can attend entertaining and illuminating workshops on international folklore and legend, writing and art making, traditional music and instruments and explore ancient wisdom philosophies and practices. You can shop our marketplace for all sorts of beautiful wares to decorate and adorn your magical life. Each night you'll enjoy themed music from internationally acclaimed myth and folklore inspired bands that collide and fuse cultures, rhythms and melodies at our Mythic Masquerade Balls.

Mythicworlds celebrates World Myths and World Creators: the amazing artists who see places and visions that exist beyond human senses and bring them to vibrant, tangible life with words and images for us to discover, explore and even inhabit. The thresholds to these Otherlands may lie in books, music, paintings, media or even our own landscapes, but all are very real and can become a destination where our heart and soul find a home.

At Mythicworlds, the boundaries between centuries and worlds have been dissolved and the doors opened to welcome all who hear the Mythic call.

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