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October 29, 2010

MEWcon announces Tricky Pixie and Cel*Style guests

M.E.W. Convention welcomes musical guests Tricky Pixie and industry guests Cel*Style's design and demo team.

Tricky Pixie is a fey fusion of three well-loved, whimsical talents who fearlessly tread the boards and the twilight roads alike, using a wealth of instruments to guide themselves and their listeners along, including all manner of strings, voices, and drums.

This wild, sexy, irreverent, and masterful trio mixes up a delirious blend of tunes for each unforgettable show. In any given performance, they may call forth shipfuls of pirates, dancing satyrs, gypsies in the wood, and all the benefits of a good Beltane fire, rounding out the night with a spicy alligator tango, but you never know quite what you'll get. All three members of Tricky Pixie are prolific songwriters, and together they have a vast musical catalog of original tunes -- a collective discography of 14 albums are currently available. Since their first official show in July 2007, they have released one album together, and a performance DVD is on the way.

S.J. Tucker, Alexander James Adams, and Betsy Tinney are vibrant and animated entertainers, so a Tricky Pixie performance is as much visual and interactive as instrumental and vocal. Between tunes, SJ and Alec exchange banter, tell stories, and draw the audience into their fantastic world -- it's a ride through Celtic rock, haunting and bluesy a cappella numbers, sweetly sung circus lullabies and roaring tribal folk songs. SJ, Alec, and Betsy weave contagious faery magic, and you're bound to be caught in their spell when you attend a Tricky Pixie concert! You can find more information about the magic of Tricky Pixie at

Cel*Style is role playing games by indie designers from around the world, created specifically to capture the beauty, intensity and strangeness of manga and anime. Each Cel*Style game allows you to explore a new world and create stories with your friends. Playing a Cel*Style game is a lot like a cross between being in a play, writing fanfic and drawing a manga. All you need is one of our game books and a few of your friends!

Never played a role playing game? Intimidated by hit points, weapon skills and all that stuff? Don't worry! Cel*Style games cut away all that with easy to use rules to create the kind of stories that you like. You won't need any "rpg experience" to play our games, just some imagination and a love of anime and manga! For more information visit

Manga and Exotic Worlds Convention: This year M.E.W. Will be held at the Sheraton PDX Hotel in Portland, Oregon Dec. 31st, 2010 thru Jan. 2nd, 2011. Events include a New Year's Eve dance with DJ Initial P, the Villains Dance and Tricky Pixie live in concert New Years day and the Steampunk Masquerade with DJ Akuma closing night. Costume and mask contests, fan made video contest, interactive panels, artist and writers workshops, LARPs, RPGs, board games, CCGs, console gaming and LAN gaming. In addition to event programming, M.E.W. will also be hosting an artist exhibitors' hall and artists' alley and a cross genre library filled with manga, sci-fi and fantasy. For more information, visit

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